Fees in tax law

Oral consultation in tax law :

The price of an oral consultation in tax law is €200 including VAT (for a duration of one hour).

Written consultation in tax law :

For written consultations in tax law, we prefer block fees. The amount of the package will depend on the complexity of the file.

Tax contestation before the administrative courts :

For the introduction of a tax petition before the administrative tribunal or the administrative court of appeal, we prefer block fees, including, if necessary, complementary success fees. The amount of the package will depend on the complexity of the file.

Other interventions in tax law :

We prefer hourly fees (although block fees are always possible) for other tax interventions :

  • assistance in the event of a tax audit : contradictory examination of personal tax situation, audit of accounting …
  • reply to rectification proposal
  • etc.

In case of hourly fees, the hourly rate varies between €190 and €290 euros (before tax) depending on the complexity of the case. The rate of VAT is 20%.

Fees in administrative law and road traffic law

The price of an oral consultation in administrative law or in road traffic law is €150 including VAT (for a maximum duration of one hour).

For any other request in administrative law or road traffic law, please send us an e-mail to dangela.avocats@gmail.com to obtain a quote.

Details regarding the payment of fees

Terms of payment of fees : 

Oral consultations may be paid by check or cash only.

For other services, the fees can be paid by check, cash or bank transfer.

Important : the Cabinet does not accept credit card payments.

Mandatory payment of a provision :

You will be asked, prior to any intervention on our part, the payment of a provision representing a percentage of the estimated total amount of our expenses and fees.

As long as the payment of this provision has not been made, we can not take any steps to ensure the processing of your file.

Details concerning the success fees :

The law provides that the lawyer is entitled to conclude with his client an “agreement which, in addition to the remuneration for the services performed, provides for the fixing of an additional fee depending on the result obtained or the service rendered“.

The law specifies, however, that “any fixing of fees, which would be only according to the judicial result, is forbidden“.

It follows from these principles that :

  • the lawyer can not be paid exclusively by success fees.
  • the lawyer may, however, solicit and collect success fees depending on the result obtained or the service rendered in addition to his main remuneration (hourly fees or block fees)

Additional information

Reimbursement by your adversary of your legal fees :

In the event of a successful outcome, the judge can commit your adversary to pay you back all or part of your legal fees. It is the case for example before an administrative court (article L.761-1 of the French Administrative Justice Code).

Contract of legal expenses insurance :

Make sure you verify whether you benefit from a contract of legal expenses insurance. If that is the case, your lawyer’s fees will be borne by the insurance. Moreover, it is important to know that, despite the conclusion of this contract of legal expenses insurance, you still are free to choose your own lawyer (article L.127-3 of the French Insurance Code).

Lawyer’s expenses :

Fees before tax are what a lawyer receives for his work.

It is important to know that some two-thirds of these fees before tax served to cover the operating costs of the law firm (staff, premises, etc), and to pay social security contributions (e.g. : contributions to the National Council of Bars).