Our law firm can help you resolve all of your claims and litigations against French authorities.

Our law firm has expertise :

  • in tax law, if you have a dispute with the tax authorities
  • in road traffic law, if you have a dispute with the Ministry of the Interior related to driving infractions and their consequences for your driving licence
  • in public law, especially in administrative law, if you have any other dispute with the French authorities

Currently, the majority of cases handled by our law firm are tax law and road traffic law cases.


Our expertise in tax law

tax lawOur law firm has expertise :

  • in tax counselling, especially about personal tax and patrimonial tax
  • in tax litigation, whether it be litigation of tax assessment (disputes before the tax authorities, then, if needed, before the competent courts, be they administrative or civil) or of tax recovery.

Furthermore, we will point out that our law firm has developed special expertise in dealing with tax litigation.

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Our expertise in road traffic law

road traffic lawOur law firm has also expertise in road traffic law :

  • We have acquired a strong expertise in getting driving licences back, after they have been lost as a result of road traffic law violations. We very often handle cases in which driving licences have been cancelled by a prefectural decision “48 SI”.
  • However, we can also handle cases where driving licences have been suspended by the authorities, or merely endorsed with loss of points.

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Our expertise in public law

administrative lawOur law firm has expertise in public law, and especially in administrative law.

You can request our help if :

  • you have a dispute with the authorities (e.g. : administrative police, administrative authorisations, right to public subsidies, etc)
  • you want us to represent you before the administrative jurisdictions : Administrative Tribunal or Administrative Appeal Court.

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