The main activity : tax law and tax litigation

Our law firm is specialized in tax law. Tax law represents more than 80% of its activity.

We intervene as well in tax advice as in tax litigation.

Tax litigation

We have developed a particular expertise in the field of tax litigation.

We help our clients settle their disputes with the tax authorities at all stages of the tax dispute :

1 / At the tax audit stage : contradictory examination of personal tax situation (ESFP), audit of accounting, control on documents, etc.

2 / At the tax adjustment stage : reply to “proposition de rectification” (proposal for adjustment), meeting with the auditor and his line manager, etc.

3 / After the assessment of the tax : drafting a contentious claim, accompanied if necessary by a request for suspension of payment, before the tax administration. NB : this contentious claim constitutes an obligatory preliminary petition in tax matters.

4 / Before the administrative courts : drafting tax petitions before the administrative tribunals and, on appeal, before the administrative courts of appeal.

Tax advice

We offer our clients consultations in the main areas of taxation :

  • corporate taxation (corporation tax, VAT, etc.)
  • personal taxation (income tax, property tax …)
  • patrimonial taxation (real estate tax …)
  • international taxation
  • taxation of non-profit organizations

Finally, we help our clients to complete their tax returns (income tax, real estate tax, etc.)

To learn more about our interventions in tax law, please visit our page dedicated to TAX LAW.

Side activities: road traffic law and public law

In addition to its tax activity, the Firm has developed on an ancillary basis, at the request of some of its clients, activities in road traffic law as well as in public law.

To learn more about our interventions in these subjects, please consult our pages dedicated to road traffic law and public law.